A young woman looks through a pair of binoculars.

The Ups and Downs of The Hidden Job Market

You might have heard of the term “hidden job market” before and wondered what it actually meant. It’s not about shady, black market jobs. Nor does it refer to jobs that are deliberately kept secret. The hidden job market simply covers all job vacancies that aren’t formally advertised. Instead, these jobs are swooped up through word-of-mouth by […]

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Nazish She Works Candidate

Nazish’s Story

SheWorks are excited to share some great news – our client Nazish has recently secured a full-time role with Melbourne Water as a Project Engineer. Before accessing Fitted for Work services and registering with SheWorks, Nazish had been struggling to find work, despite coming to Australia as a skilled migrant with extensive work experience.  “Without local […]

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An Incredible Year for SheWorks

By Liz Trewhella.   2019 has been an incredible year for SheWorks, placing more women into meaningful employment across Melbourne and Sydney and exploring opportunities nationally to connect more businesses with our diverse talent pool. This year, we are thrilled to have filled roles within transport, warehousing, call centres, corporate offices and community settings.  2019 […]

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SheWorks goes to Parramatta!

In 2019, Liz Trewhella will officially be taking on the role of SheWorks Manager and is really looking forward to being able to connect more skilled, experience, work-ready women with paid job opportunities in organisations that align with Fitted for Works core values and mission. Operating since 2014, SheWorks is a social enterprise wholly owned […]

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