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Unemployment and financial insecurity are strongly linked to homelessness and experiences of domestic violence.

Disadvantage comes in many forms, but experiences of hardship usually have isolation, fear, instability and lack of choice as common factors.

Women over 55 are the fasted growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Women’s under representation in the workforce is a crisis with long term negative economic and social impacts.

Your donation helps ensures our doors are open and no call for support goes unanswered.

Wendy a Fitted for Work client smiles as she looks at a computer, Tash a Fitted for Work team member loks over her shoulder and points at the screen explaining our services.

Prevent women from being left behind in Australia's COVID-19 recovery

As we emerge from the COVID-19 global crisis and enter into this ‘new normal’ women experiencing disadvantage are at risk of being left behind. That’s where we come in.


For the past 17 years, Fitted for Work has helped women navigate disadvantage. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are experts in helping women and gender diverse jobseekers identify transferable skills, build resilience, and pivot their career goals. Your donation enables us to provide tailored and impactful support to women on their journey back into employment.

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By donating, you become part of a movement committed to improving women’s lives and breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Your generosity enables us to reach out and support women experiencing disadvantage across Australia.

If you would like to donate via a Bank Deposit, please contact Rashmi Baijnath, Chief Financial Officer, at [email protected].

Donate in three simple steps

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.