The Conscious Closet

The Conscious Closet was born from the idea that high quality, pre-loved clothes deserve to find a second home. Fast fashion is detrimental to the environment, detrimental to your bank balance, and doesn’t align with conscious shopping values. So, we decided to change all that. We bring the very best of pre-loved clothing and accessories to you via our Melbourne Sales and online store which you can purchase from anywhere in Australia. 100% of the profit made from the Conscious Closet goes straight to Fitted for Work. 

The Conscious Closet store space, shows stylish clothing displayed in front of a colourful wall mural

Say hello to your new wardrobe and goodbye to fast fashion.

Shop with us today and help a woman better herself and her career.

Our Impact

We believe in a better future for women and by purchasing from us, you are paving the way.  You can purchase your high quality, pre-loved clothes with us from anywhere in Australia. Take comfort in knowing that when you buy from us – it’s better for the environment and makes a real difference.

kilograms of unwanted clothing rehomed

In the previous financial year, we rehomed 22,000 kilograms of clothing. That’s the equivalent of 5,500 supermarket shopping trolleys of recycled fashion saved from ending up in landfill!

Help keep fashion circular

In addition to high quality work appropriate clothing, for our Personal Outfitting Service, we accept clothing and product donations for the Conscious Closet.

We are always happy to accept your good quality casual clothing, footwear, evening wear, vintage and contemporary garments and accessories. All profits raised go back into supporting Fitted for Work’s job-readiness services and help empower women with confidence and employment.

A clothing donor drops off a donation and is greeted by a Fitted for Work volunteer at the donations bi. They are wearing masks and holding out their elbows in a covid safe greeting gesture.
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