Volunteer Positions

Pause on Volunteer Intake

We love that so many of you have come forward over recent months, but especially since International Women’s Day and recent publicity in The Age, to express your interest in volunteering with us. At this time we have so much interest that our capacity for volunteers is full and we have had to pause our waitlist.

If you follow our socials you will be first to see when we are reopening our volunteer waitlist and can see some behind the scenes of Fitted for Work.

Thank you so much for your interest and we’ll see you online soon!


A Fitted for Work mentor and client stand on a street corner wearing professional clothing. They are facing each other and laughing.

Hear what our volunteers have to say!

  • Volunteering with Fitted for Work provides a sense of making a real and tangible difference to disadvantaged women’s lives. A diverse and highly talented group of women provide their time and expertise, and it is a privilege to be working alongside them. It really is about women supporting women.


    Fitted for Work Volunteer

  • The last young girl I dressed, left bursting with confidence saying ‘I’m going to nail this job now’! I often get a tear in my eye when that happens.


    Fitted for Work Volunteer

  • Being a volunteer at Fitted for Work is a satisfying and fulfilling job. I meet different kinds of people with different backgrounds and being connected with them means I’ve learnt a lot. Sharing your knowledge and helping them especially in understanding their needs and bringing their self-esteem back is a highlight.


    Fitted for Work Volunteer

  • Volunteering with Fitted for Work is a most rewarding experience. There is no better way to feel good about yourself than helping others. You will work along side passionate and caring women who do want to make a contribution to another person’s life in whatever way they can. The clients of Fitted for Work are very grateful for any and all assistance and to be part of their empowerment is at times overwhelmingly satisfying.


    Fitted for Work Volunteer

  • As a volunteer for Fitted for Work, it has given me much pleasure to offer support to women who are trying to return back into the workforce. I get a real buzz from seeing the potential in these wonderful women who are on a positive journey of change and the look on their faces when they see themselves transformed in front of a mirror. I am also happy to have found a great charity that I can donate my business clothing samples to. Giving back has empowered me!


    Fitted for Work Volunteer