Workplace Giving Program

Small change building women’s economic security for life!

Fitted for Work’s Workplace Giving Program is an easy way to make a tax-deductible donation from your pay.

What is Fitted for Work's Workplace Giving Program?

Making regular small tax-deductible donations to Fitted for Work through Workplace Giving provides an easy way for you and your organisation to help change the lives of women experiencing disadvantage who are looking for work.  

A small regular donation will make a big difference over time.

Your support will improve women’s economic security across their life through their ability to gain paid, sustainable work which in turn helps women accumulate financial capability, future retirement savings and reduces the risk of poverty and homelessness.

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Benefits to Individuals

Our Workplace Giving Program:

  • Reduces your taxable income and you may receive an instant tax benefit.
  • Provides an easy way for you to make a regular commitment to supporting women experiencing disadvantage to get work.  
  • Allows you to make smaller donations spread over the year, which accumulates and makes a bigger difference over time.  

Unsure if your workplace has a Workplace Giving Program? Speak to your manager, HR team, or payroll team to find out. 

We are registered to receive workplace giving on the following platforms:   

If your workplace doesn’t have a program in place, download the Fitted for Work Workplace Giving registration form here, fill it out and send it to your payroll.

Benefits to Workplaces

Through our Workplace Giving Program, you can:

  • Bring your organisation’s values and culture to life and become an employer of choice.  
  • Bring your team together through shared social impact goals. 
  • Provide staff with a greater sense of purpose at work, improve levels of engagement and motivation and foster better teamwork.  
  • Offer one of the simplest and more efficient ways to make a difference and show your employees and stakeholder you care.    

Don’t already have a Workplace Giving Program, check out Workplace Giving Australia’s DIY Guide here.

Company Matched Giving Programs

Your organisation can add value to your staff’s workplace giving by implementing a matched giving program. Matched giving means that businesses match employee donations (dollar-for-dollar with a pre-determined cap). This is a great way for employees to amplify the impact of their donation and help more women experiencing disadvantage to become job-ready and achieve their goal of financial independence through securing paid work. 

We are registered to receive workplace giving on the following platforms:   

Benefits to Fitted for Work

A contribution of just $6.00 a fortnight (over 12 months) will help a woman find work and provide her with a Personal Outfitting Appointment where she will receive a capsule wardrobe of professional clothing, shoes and accessories for job interviews and work, along with styling and grooming tips.

The impact your donation will have:  

  • $15 covers the postage of a 5kg Personal Outfitting Parcel 
  • $50 provides Online Resume Feedback  
  • $150 provides Job Readiness Support 
  • $500 provides 12 months of Mentoring Support 
  • $2,500 supports a woman’s entire journey through Fitted for Work 
Woman attends Outfitting appointment. She smiles while looking at clothing being held up by friendly Fitted for Work team member.

Long-term regular giving makes it easier for Fitted for Work to plan for the future and assist more women to achieve their goal of economic security by becoming job-ready and securing work.

For more information, please reach out our National Philanthropic Partnerships Manager, Elizabeth Trewhella, via email at [email protected].

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