Our Team

Abigail Ross wearing a black top with a delicate silver necklace and earrings

Abigail Ross

Client Referral Officer
Amanda Carlile wearing a black jacket and a black polka dot top

Amanda Carlile

General Manager
Anita Mikedis wearing a black top and subtle red lipstick

Anita Mikedis

Melbourne Client Services Coordinator (Acting)
Becky Giles wearing a blue shirt with pink wattle flowers on it

Becky Giles

Virtual Outfitting Officer
Headshot of Bek Pasqualini - bald woman in mid-life wearing rainbow lanyard

Bek Pasqualini

Executive Assistant & Governance Officer
Caitlin Mountford wearing a black high neck top

Caitlin Mountford

National Marketing and Communications Manager
Camilla McKewen wearing a leopard print shirt and hoop earings

Camilla McKewen

Donations Coordinator
Candice Graham wearing a black top with a lace neckline and bright red lipstick

Candice Graham

Sydney Operations Coordinator
Donna de Zwart wearing a silky red shirt with lace sleeves and bright lipstick

Donna de Zwart

Managing Director
Eileen Martin wearing glasses and a black shirt with pink and purple flowers

Eileen Martin

Job Ready Support Specialist
Elizabeth Trewhella wearing a black top with a lace neckline

Elizabeth Trewhella

She Works Manager
Headshot of Emilia Stoklaskova

Emilia Stoklaskova

Virtual Outfitting Officer
Freya Findlay wearing a blue top with white flowers

Freya Findlay

Client Referral Officer
Honor Cass wearing a dark blue top with a high neckline

Honor Cass

Virtual Outfitting Officer
Imogen Moore wearing a black high neck top

Imogen Moore

Client Referral Officer
Isabel Owe Young wearing a light grey top and silver triangle earrings

Isabel Owe Young

Communications Officer
Jackie Roberts wearing black jacket and a bright red top with matching red lipstick

Jackie Roberts

Client Referral Coordinator

Jessica Naylor

Client Referral Officer
Julia Karlsson wearing a black top

Julia Karlsson

Client Referral Officer
Professional Headshot of Laura Coburn

Laura Coburn

Job Ready Support Specialist
Leah Nischler wearing a light blue top and earrings

Leah Nischler

Programs Coordinator
Lisa Le wearing a white top and a beige jacket with native Australian flowers on it

Lisa Le

Sydney Operations Assistant
Mali Lin

Mali Lin

Client Referral Officer
Merredith Murphy wearing glasses and an orange jacket over a black top

Merredith Murphy

Volunteer Manager
Headshot of Monique Daiga

Monique Daiga

Virtual Outfitting Officer
Nicole Johnson wearing a black and white checkered top with a white collar

Nicole Johnson

Job Ready Support Specialist
Rashmi Baijnath wearing a red and black patterned jacket over a black top

Rashmi Baijanth

Finance Manager
Rebecca Dunn wearing a black and white pinstripe shirt with a dark blue jacket and red lipstick

Rebecca Dunn

Virtual Services Coordinator
Rebecca Jenkins wearing a red top with delicate flowers on it

Rebecca Sather Jenkins

Client Services Administrator
Ryn Hopgood wearing a black top

Ryn Hopgood

National Client Services Manager
Sabina Lunja wearing a black top and stylish black rimmed glasses

Sabina Lunja

Virtual Outfitting Officer
Sarah Ricardo wearing a colourful speckled shirt with complimentary red lipstick

Sarah Ricardo

Online Retail Coordinator (Acting)
Sharon Ross wearing a white silk top

Sharon Ross

She Works Assistant
Therese Bizas wearing a black top and pink cardigan

Therese Bizas

Client Referral Officer