Core Services

Graphic showing a typical journey through Fitted for Work's services. Starting with referral, then working through services until job readiness.

Client Journey

At Fitted for Work, we recognise that every client has individual needs and will access the services they need at their own pace.

The Client Journey above showcases the job readiness services that put clients on a path to meaningful employment.

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Job Search Essentials Workshop

Our Job Search Essentials Workshop is the perfect place to start your journey with Fitted for Work. This two-hour live Zoom session is run once a week, and covers the fundamentals of creating and refining resumes and cover letters, and also explores the basics of addressing key selection criteria.

You will leave the Workshop equipped to create your resume and cover letter so that your skills and experience are effectively highlighted, helping your application go to the top of the list.

Woman looks at computer. She is in a video call with 9 women and they are smiling at one another.
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Woman attends a Fitted for Work appointment. She is looking at a document and smiling, while being guided by a friendly team member.

Job Readiness Hub

We offer a diverse range of services, workshops, and one-to-one appointments, like how to apply for suitable roles, get the interview as the preferred candidate, and build your confidence to step into new employment opportunities.

Like all Fitted for Work services, we aim to teach, guide, and motivate you to be job ready. Each client is given tailored support, specific to their personal situation, employment experience, technical access, competencies, and abilities.

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Personal Outfitting

Our Personal Outfitting Service will leave you looking and feeling ready to step into your next interview or new job with style and confidence!

We offer our clients a safe space where our specialised staff and trained volunteers will put together a work clothing capsule based on your needs. Our goal is to empower you with the confidence to put together looks from your work capsule, helping you to take the stress out of finding appropriate work clothing so that you can focus on your job seeking journey.

Woman attends Outfitting appointment. She smiles while looking at clothing being held up by friendly Fitted for Work team member.
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Our Client Services are available to all women as well as gender-diverse and non-binary job-seekers. We offer all of our services online and have face-to-face services running at our Melbourne and Western Sydney locations.

To book your appointment, get in touch with our friendly team today!