Personal Outfitting

Warm welcomes await everyone at our Personal Outfitting Service. We aim to ensure everyone who attends this service will leave looking and feeling their absolute best. In doing so, we become our most comfortable and confident self and that’s exactly what we aim to deliver with this service.

Those who may feel a little apprehensive need not worry. The truth is, it takes just one hour for our skilled staff and volunteers to work their magic and our number one priority is ensuring every client looks and feels their absolute best, ready to put their best foot (and new pre-loved shoes) forward into the world of work. 

From footwear, accessories and work attire, everything is covered and we welcome everyone. If you have a change in circumstance and need more outfits are welcome to come back. Or also they are welcome to come back for clothing once they get the job if required.

A woman with dark brown hair holds a professional dress up to video screen, where a woman is watching. Beside her is a rack of clothing.

Hear what our clients have to say!

  • Thanks for all your help and support, I felt so “heard” by you. Thank you so much for that. My life has improved SO MUCH since then and I am really grateful for Fitted for Work’s part in that. I feel so much more confident than I did this time six months or a year ago!

    Client Feedback

  • Having someone else choose clothes for me was a new experience. It was like having a friend shop with you. Everything I was handed to try on fit and gave me confidence. Being overweight, having confidence in clothes is rare.

    Client Feedback

  • I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the assistance and support that you have provided to me with email resume feedback and virtual outfitting. Your professional, friendly, helpful, fun, and caring attitudes are greatly appreciated.

    Client Feedback

  • Everyone was helpful, kind and discreet and encouraging and made the session a most enjoyable experience for me. Thank you all, beautiful ladies. I am absolutely delighted with my wardrobe and everything will be worn as it all fits! Yay!
    This Fitted for Work experience was the best hour of my life for years. I never thought I would say I loved trying on clothes.

    Client Feedback

  • I just moved from Townsville and don’t have much of a network, so I felt very empowered when I came in today and it was nice to have some connection. The ladies are awesome, incredible and they make people feel good about themselves which is a big thing.

    Client Feedback

  • You did an amazing job of handpicking well fitted items I like, and of quality brands, style, fabric, colour, durability, newness, etc. These outfits could possibly endure 5 or 10 years of office work and even be worn for formal occasions… I also really enjoyed meeting you and had a lot of fun interacting successfully on FaceTime! It was unexpected, appreciated, much valued, timely, generous, and the highlight of my week! Thank you for your enthusiastic professional expert assistance at this critical stage.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Virtual Outfitting, which was a surprise for me. I usually find other people don’t understand me when I describe my style, but I was very impressed. I feel so comfortable and confident in the clothes she picked and people have commented on my energy being that of confidence and positivity.