By Liz Trewhella.


2019 has been an incredible year for SheWorks, placing more women into meaningful employment across Melbourne and Sydney and exploring opportunities nationally to connect more businesses with our diverse talent pool. This year, we are thrilled to have filled roles within transport, warehousing, call centres, corporate offices and community settings. 

2019 has been a year of growth, as we have continued to develop our SheWorks Social Enterprise.


Career Days

We introduced SheWorks Career Days, which were hosted by some of our generous Corporate Partners to provide our female candidates with a better understanding of different recruitment processes and improve their interview skills.   


SWIM Mentors

We introduced our new SWIM Mentors (SheWorks Interim Mentors) who offered short-term intensive mentoring support to every SheWorks candidate applying for a role. The mentor matching process is both a science and an art, so it takes time to find the best match. Our SWIM Mentors were a brilliant addition to our mentor program that ensured women could be immediately assisted with every step of the recruitment process, even if they had not yet been paired with a long-term mentor. Women then have access to long-term mentoring on completion of the 6-week relationship and commencement of employment with a SheWorks partner.


Information Sessions and Site Visits

We continued to receive great feedback on our information sessions and site visits, which are facilitated by SheWorks partners to educate women on new career paths and familiarise them with different working environments. 


Diversity in the Workplace

At SheWorks, we are committed to creating diverse workforces. This year, we continued assisting organisations to improve their recruitment practices to attract and retain female candidates coming through our Fitted for Work services. We helped teams understand the barriers these women may face and recognise the value they can bring to the workforce.


We are thrilled to continue to work with our SheWorks Partners in 2020. 



Partnering with L’Oréal to bring work opportunities to women who don’t necessarily fit into regular recruitment models, we have successfully placed five women into roles at their Distribution Center. We will continue to build on this partnership in 2020.



From Administration to Maintenance Technicians, we are partnering with Alstom to provide opportunities for women to work in various roles across their organisation. After placing an apprentice and an Admin Officer in Sydney, we continue to work closely with their HR team to connect more women to new positions.



Our project with Transdev, to recruit more women into Light Rail Driver roles across their Sydney network will continue into 2020. With plans to expand the project to other positions in both New South Wales and Victoria to provide meaningful career opportunities to women coming through the Fitted for Work services.