Register a Clothing Drive

For many women, the first step to getting work is simply having a suitable outfit to wear to job interviews. Your donations help women, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse jobseekers secure employment.

Fitted for Work provides clients with a complete transformational experience in our Personal Outfitting service. Our aim is to dress women in an entire outfit that is fashionable, suitable for an interview and carefully coordinated to make clients look and feel good about themselves. We rely on your generosity, and specifically clothing drives, to supply us with the bulk of our items to support our clients, not only in their job search, but in regaining their confidence.

If you are interested in running a Clothing Drive for International Women’s Day, please register your interest via email with [email protected] to receive our Fitted for Work Clothing Drive Pack.

A donor drops off a clothing donation and is greeted by a Fitted for Work volunteer. They are both wearing face masks and holding out their elbows for a safe hello.