Where are the barriers

Last year, LinkedIn analysed their data and found that women apply to 20 per cent fewer jobs than men.

The data also revealed recruiters were 13 per cent less likely to click on a woman’s profile than a man’s when searching LinkedIn for candidates.

While the Gender Insights Report didn’t include data on gender diverse individuals, nor how other biases based on race, ability or age affect job prospects, it did shed some important light on how gender impacts the candidate journey.

It’s an impact we witness firsthand at She Works every day, as we support our candidates through the job recruitment process.

Our candidate pool includes a diverse range of women and non-binary people aged 16-65, from varying backgrounds, work experience and qualifications.

For some, it’s their first time entering the workforce. For others, they may be returning after a period off work.

Among those accessing She Works services, there have been PhD holders and former CEOs, as well as those who left high school early. They are culturally and linguistically diverse, recent immigrants, mothers returning to work after having children, women exiting correctional facilities, victim/survivors of domestic abuse, women with disabilities and so much more.

On top of the additional barriers some of our candidates face, the LinkedIn data suggests that simply being a woman might affect your employment prospects.

Many believe that a “confidence gap” might help explain why women apply for fewer jobs than men.

At She Works, a big part of our job is building the confidence of our candidates as they approach the often-daunting process of finding a job.

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What does She Works do for job seekers?


  1. Fitted for Work services
    Quite often our candidates come through Fitted for Work. Here, they can access personal outfitting, presentation workshops and Resumé Hub to get them work-ready. More than anything, this process is about boosting client self-esteem through the encouragement of wonderful staff and volunteers.
  2.  Information sessions
    She Works then organises information sessions with potential employers. This allows candidates to familiarise themselves with the company culture and feel confident in their knowledge of the role advertised.
  3.  Mentorship
    We also offer ongoing mentoring to successful candidates post-placement to support them through that crucial first six to 12 months on the job.

While confidence is certainly key to getting more women prepared for work, it’s critical to connect employers with female and non-binary candidates they might be missing, as the LinkedIn data suggests.

That’s where She Works end-to-end recruitment service really shines.

What does She Works do for employers?


  1. Map & Align
    We connect employers to our diverse pool of candidates, so they can take the first step in their goal of reaching more women. We then take the time to understand a company’s culture and hiring needs to tailor our recruitment solution.
  2. Marketing
    We refine position descriptions and marketing to attract the most suitable female and non-binary candidates.
  3. Screen & Coach
    We inform and coach candidates before they apply, then screen and shortlist, so employers can interview the best applicants for the role.
  4. Job Offers & Communication
    We manage candidate communications on behalf of employers, so they can focus on their core business.

The good news is, according to the Gender Insights Report, women have a good chance of being hired after applying for a job: a 16 per cent higher chance than men. Women and employers just need to overcome barriers in the recruitment process.

That’s where She Works can help.Decorative Image


If your organisation is looking to promote your industry or opportunities to female candidates, She Works can help.

Get in touch with our She Works team today at [email protected]

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