Verity is a former Fitted for Work Board member and soon-to-be mentor.

What drew you to the organisation?

I was drawn in by the fact the organisation plugs a gap in a practical way. There are women who want to work and there are jobs out there for them but there’s a leap they have to get over first, such as having something appropriate to wear to interviews or having basic computer training skills.

Fitted for Work does a great job of matching up to sets of needs – needs of employers and needs of women wanting to get into employment. This has a huge roll on benefit for women and their families.

 What was your experience like on the Board?

When I joined the Fitted for Work Board my response was, “Oh wow! What a bunch of inspiring people.” At the time the board was an all-female board with women from all different backgrounds. It was just a fantastic experience.

 What was the most surprising thing for you?

The impact the organisation achieves on such little resources. Fitted for Work is an organisation that punches above its weight. When you see what the small number of staff achieve you would think it was a huge organisation and I found that surprising.

What do you think makes people want to support Fitted for Work?

The organisation appeals to people because it is helping women help themselves. The small amounts that you give have a large impact in sustaining people moving forward.

What is the biggest change you’d like to see for women?

More of a recognition of the talent and value in the contributions that women make, by women themselves and in broader society.

What do you say to friends or colleagues who are considering supporting Fitted for Work?

I tell them it’s an organisation that when oyu donate money, you don’t need to be worried about whether it’s being spent on lavish meeting rooms or overheads. It’s a pretty lean organisation. It has a really good network of volunteer and pro bono support and so the money that you donate really is used effectively and in a practical way to set up a woman with skills to set up her up in employment for the rest of her life. So it really is money well spent.