I heard about Fitted for Work through Marion [co-founder] and I have been a key supporter for many years. [Back in 2014] Fitted for Work was going through a transition and Marion invited me to a meeting to discuss ways forward. Mary [the now chair] and I both volunteered at the meeting to help in whatever way we could.  It resulted in Crooks and Brooks joining the board!

I’m most satisfied by the fact we are helping thousands of disadvantaged women secure employment and be taken seriously and given some attention. It is also a joy to be on the board with a group of amazing people under Mary’s leadership as Chair and supporting the outstanding work of Donna [CEO] and her team.

The most surprising thing I’ve learnt about Fitted for Work is the lengths that the volunteers and staff will go to in order to mentor and guide women into employment and rewarding and meaningful lives. Generally speaking, I would like to see the barriers that prevent women from fully participating in the workplace removed.

Supporting Fitted for Work not only empowers thousands of women who you will never meet, but it enriches and empowers you as the donor.  It connects you with women who have met huge barriers to fully participating in the community and gives you a better understanding of the struggles that many women encounter.  It empowers you to lend a hand to women who, but for circumstances, could be just like you.

Fitted for Work is a wonderful organisation and one that deserves support.