Maureen was still a full time carer when she started thinking about returning to paid work. She proactively sought a referral to begin what she refers to as her “return to work plan”. She wanted to explore her options in advance. This involved working out what type of work she wanted to do and whether she was being realistic.

Maureen wanted to make sure Fitted for Work had what she was looking for. “The research I did myself prior to contacting Fitted for Work gave me a positive impression of the organisations, its programs, staff, volunteers etc. I was not at all nervous about making contact, I felt Fitted for Work would be ‘good’ for me.”

Maureen took part in a range of Fitted for Work’s workshops: Interview and Outfitting Service, Make up and Presentation workshop, Transition to Work program, and the mentoring program.

“My experience was positive, educational, empowering, welcoming, encouraging. The people were non-judgmental. I was offered one on one attention and my individual circumstances were appreciated and taken into account.”

Maureen still keeps in touch with some of the women who journeyed with her through the service. She enjoyed meeting other women in similar circumstances and found their stories “inspirational”. She also values the opportunity to be linked with a mentor who provides ongoing support and advice.