In 2018, we officially launched Fitted for Work Virtual Services, which means we have been able to assist women across every state and territory in Australia on their journey into work. Delivering advice and coaching to clients via phone, email, video and social platforms to enhance their skills in applying for and securing work. This includes resumes, cover letters and responses to key selection criteria, interview preparation and practice, and virtual outfitting services.

 “Amazing service by lovely ladies. Fantastic phone manner and made me feel comfortable straight away. The resume/cover letter tips were very helpful and I’m hoping changing those small details will help secure me an interview”. Virtual Services Client, 2018

 Virtual Services provides access to our programs no matter where a woman lives, or the circumstances of her life. Technology allows us to reach women in rural and regional Australia who often face additional challenges in securing work – including reduced access to employment services, fewer job opportunities, limited social support and professional networks, and concerns about privacy in using the services that do exist.

“So helpful and enlightening and I didn’t feel any question was stupid” Virtual Services Client, 2018

Increasing the service offerings to women looking for work in Melbourne, Melbourne Client Services grew their Volunteer Resume Hub team, assisting more women to feel confident about writing their resumes, cover letters and job applications and providing a safe space to practice their interview skills.