2018 has been a year of growth in client services as we have expanded nationally. We delivered over 3000 services this calendar year to women across Australia.

Having a professional outfit is only one part of creating the right first impression to a potential employer, wearing the right amount of makeup can also make the difference. Ben Dniprowskij and Jane Gellert volunteered their time and expertise through monthly workshops to provide women with affordable makeup tips and simple how to’s for interview and work. Each participant then took home a make-up pack.


The ever-generous team at SMAART Recruitment in Melbourne provided fortnightly Job Preparation Workshops, offering a unique opportunity to Fitted for Work clients to practice their interview skills with 2 or 3 recruiters and receive valuable feedback to assist them to build their confidence and skills in this area.  Hugely grateful to the Sydney SMAART Recruitment team also who jumped on board to offer similar workshops to our Sydney cohort.

“By being involved with FFW, SMAART Recruitment and our employees have learnt that the skills, experience and expertise we hold as recruiters is really valuable for more than just a commercial purpose. We actually hold the keys to changing people’s lives and when applying this in a giving way it is a rewarding experience for all involved.” James Witcombe, Associate Director, SMAART Recruitment.


LinkedIn continued their support this year, coming on board to fund and deliver 8 youth focussed Career Readiness workshops in Sydney.  The workshops were well received by both LinkedIn staff and the youth who attended, always stating their favourite part of the sessions were the workplace tours. “Who knew you could play ping pong at work??” Participant of the LinkedIn Workshops 2018

Co-facilitated and funded by Macquarie Group, Fitted for Work ran it’s very first Womankind Essentials Series in Sydney.

“Very grateful and thankful for the compassion & empowerment provided in a friendly manner. Support to develop confidence in a professional manner – Awesome!” WomanKind Essential Series Sydney November 2018

The Sorting Circle in Sydney has successfully continued to grow throughout this year, increasing across multiple days. The Sorting Circle is an opportunity for women who are facing social isolation, lack of experience or struggling with Australian slang, to reintroduce themselves into the workforce through ‘commitment-free’ volunteering, gain confidence and connect with other women who might be facing similar or different challenges.

Building the capacity of our staff and volunteer teams we hosted two joint training sessions: The Accidental Counsellor, facilitated by Rocky Biasi and Supporting Women in the Sex Industry & Women Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation: Breaking Barriers, facilitated by Project Respect.