Joanna wasn’t a supporter before joining the Board but, during an approach to her to join, she found she liked what she calls “the elegant simple goal” of Fitted for Work [getting women experiencing disadvantage into work and keeping it]. She liked where the organisation was heading and was happy to offer her skills where needed.

She likes that Fitted for Work sticks to its core business and is attracted to the governance structure of the organisation. “There is a clear focus on the separation of the management role, from the role of the board. As a logical, ordered person I like that.”

“I would like to see people, regarded of gender, taken as the person they are. I am wary about continuing the dichotomy between men and women and would like to see a dialogue where people are seen as people first. That people are treated equally with respect and given the opportunity to develop and grow.” Having said that, Joanna would like to see women have more assertive confidence in their ability and a little less self-doubt.

Music choices can be quite revealing and when asked what theme song she felt represented her best, Joanna referenced Louis Armstrong’s, ‘What a Beautiful World’. In fact she likes “any song with an agent of change about them. The Bee Gee’s, ‘This is where I came in’. It gives you the image that you’ve entered the world, or the scene. Hopefully you’ve left your mark or influence things and have been an agent of change. Then you go out the other door – it’s about movement”

Joanna emphasises the fact that Fitted for Work offers people the opportunity to put themselves out to help others through financial support or volunteers.