As a David Lawrence employee, Elisa became involved with Fitted for Work following the retailer’s involvement with the Little Black Dress Day campaign. “I remember a lady came in store to purchase that particular dress, she explained to me the work they did and from that day onwards I knew I wanted to be involved.”

Of her experience as a volunteer, Elisa says, ” It has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing women both fellow volunteers and clients. No matter how I’m feeling when I arrive at the boutique, I always leave with a smile. When the clients are so thankful and walk out so confident I can’t help but feel happy.”

Elisa has gained confidence in her own styling skills. “I’ve benefited from volunteering alongside such down to earth women. In the beginning it was truly beneficial to see how the more experienced volunteers worked and then eventually having the chance to add my own touch when styling clients.”

Elisa encourages others to support the organisation: “Australia needs an organisation like Fitted for Work to give women the opportunity to reach their full potential. It allows women, who find themselves at one stage or another in a disadvantaged situation, the opportunity to reach out. Fitted for Work creates such a comfortable environment, clients come in and are made to feel special. They are given the confidence they need to go on and achieve in whatever field they choose.”

Elisa volunteers as a Personal Dressing consultant and with the Marketing Team.