Holly had been invited to participate in a Fitted for Work workshop by her TAFE teacher. She was very impressed that such a service existed. She had applied for a position at in a retail shop. But as she hadn’t had a job for almost 6 years, she was extremely nervous. And not having a suitable interview outfit rattled her nerves even more.

Holly says her experience of Fitted for Work was, “Absolutely amazing! These women really know how to make you feel comfortable and get you motivated.”

When asked whether she had any preconceived ideas of Fitted for Work, she said, “Well not so much as I’m very open to most things. But you always have that little thing where you feel like people are going to judge you. And Fitted for Work provided me with interview advice and confidence. The experience made me feel really positive and ready to go and smash the interview.”

Holly would advise any women thinking about the service to, “Absolutely do it – this service is really amazing. It’s not only about the clothes and things but the personal support you receive.”

To potential supporters, she says, “It is a priceless investment that you don’t see everyday. Women need this especially when they have no financial support. Everyone needs help sometimes and this service is a really needed one.”

To Fitted for Work, she says, “Thank you for being there and supporting me with my short journey getting back into work when I felt unemployable. Thank you.”

Holly is now working.