Stephanie believes that she was always meant to volunteer for Fitted for Work. “Before knowing about the organisation, I kept walking past their office wondering what they do. I think that was a sign for me that I am meant to be a part of the Fitted for Work family.

After seeing a newspaper callout for help in the Boutique, Stephanie didn’t have to think twice. “I have always loved dressing people, styling them and when I saw an ad from Fitted For Work looking for volunteers, I quickly contacted them to say I would love to volunteer.”

She hasn’t looked back, saying that her experience has been, “Amazing. Very rewarding to help women and humbling to see their transformation. I feel very happy and proud to be able to help women get back on their feet. Fitted for work definitely help boost women’s confidence. The services that Fitted for Work provide really do empower women.”

Stephanie has feels she has gained more than the chance to volunteer. “I’ve benefited from the wonderful connections I have made with the clients, Fitted For Work staff and fellow volunteers. There is such a great sense of community and friendship.”

Stephanie volunteers as a Personal Stylist and helps to sort clothing donations.