When Michael Cohn joined the Board in February 2014, he was no stranger to Fitted for Work. Being a close friend of the co-founders, Renata and Marion, Michael had been a long term financial contributor from the very early days of the organisation’s existence.

Michael was invited to join the Board during a critical period of Fitted for Work’s growth phase. He says, “Because I had always thought highly of the organisation, and the work that it does I was only too pleased [to join].”

Seeing the outcomes involved in assisting women in need gives Michael the most satisfaction from being a board member. Initially he was surprised by the complexity of the organisation: “It’s extraordinarily complex in terms of the various tasks undertaken and the variety of forms that that takes.”

Michael hopes for a future where women are treated equally in every respect to men. “Unfortunately there are many forums and forms in which that just is not the case at this present time. It’s wrong. And it’s tragic and it’s inappropriate. Fortunately, at the moment in Australia, there is a lot more publicity about this than there ever has been. Hopefully bit by bit, the benefits of the publicity will lead to women having their fair role within our community.”

Michael continues to be a committed supporter and encourages many of his friends to support Fitted for Work, as an “organisation doing a very necessary job”.