Madiha has taken part in a number of Fitted for Work services including the Transition to Work and Mentoring Programs. New to Australia at the time, Madiha faced a number of challenges.

Though highly educated in her country of origin, her qualifications were not recognised in Australia and she did not have the personal or professional networks so valuable to the job-seeking process. On top of this, she had to navigate cultural differences.

She says, “Coming to another country where I knew no one, Fitted for Work gave me the confidence and encouragement to be myself and do my best.” Through the Transition to Work Program, Madiha found a support network. With the support of her mentor, she found a job related to her field of study.

Madiha often speaks of her gratitude and donates time to speaking and writing about Fitted for Work. “The whole team consists of people who are not only talented, but they really understand the motive behind the entire work they are doing. They know the difference they can make in others lives and they are working on it all the time.”

Madiha is now in full-time employment.