Kathryn unexpectedly found herself out of work when her boss decided to retire. She unsuccessfully applied for a number of jobs before going to university in order to upskill.

During her academic holidays, Kathryn completed Fitted for Work’s Transition to Work course. She was predominantly attracted by the focus on return-to-work skills, resume writing and interview preparation. She was also assigned a mentor called Ruth. Ruth has helped her finesse her resume and interview techniques.

Kathryn is driven to keep learning and feels it is important to be able to multi-skill. She maintains her positivity by reminding herself that she will eventually get job and that she needs to keep putting the effort into finding one.

Kathryn is a confirmed Fitted for Work advocate. “There are a lot of people who are marginalised in our society and they are struggling to buy clothes and pay for courses. Fitted for Work is a great initiative because the free courses provide positive outcomes.”

Kathryn is completing a Social Work degree and looking for part-time work in social justice.