As sole carer for her husband, Jennifer’s flexibility around work are limited. She found Fitted for Work after a period of searching for work for 6 months. She had been offered an interview. The problem was she didn’t have a suitable outfit.

She recalls her panic: “I went into the Boutique on the Wednesday afternoon in desperate need for an outfit for the Thursday morning!”

Being a fiercely, independent woman, Jennifer was wary about what to expect. “I’d heard of Fitted for Work before but didn’t think I’d need them. Because I’m a carer I’m used to people relying on me. It was nerve-wracking. But everyone was very helpful. You go to some places and they’re over-bearing and they judge you.”

Confidence is something Jennifer struggles with. “I don’t have enough of my own self-belief. I’m bad enough as it is when it comes to judging myself – I don’t need someone else giving me a hard time too.”

She was pleasantly surprised. “The people at Fitted for Work believed in me. They weren’t judgemental and they worked with me as a person, as an individual. When you’re a larger woman, a lot of people judge you. It really knocks your confidence.”

Jennifer found an outfit in the Boutique and was successful in her interview for a children’s entertainer which she pulls off with aplomb.