By Erin Anderson Scott

Melbourne Operations Coordinator

Student placement is a way for organisations to provide a fun, diverse and educational experience for those willing to learn. In the last financial year, eighteen students accounted for 314 volunteer hours. Whether in high school or university, we believe these placements prompt a better understanding of the barriers to employment and provide practical work experience. In addition to additional references and added resume content, it is these placements that will help increase individuals’ employability. This helps those students directly and those they interact with better prepare for employment.

We genuinely believe that through providing the opportunity to work with our staff, volunteer’s and client’s, students break down preconceived ideas. They explore the positive effects that support and guidance can have and walk away more aware of the community they are a part of. Whether they are in for one day or three months, students are encouraged to explore all avenues of interest and to ask as many questions as possible.


So, what do you do on student placement?


Students had the opportunity to attend guest speaker events, present at high school and university volunteer expos, shadow core client services, attend Job Preparation, WomenKind and Presentation Workshops, set up for The Conscious Closet sales, help sort donations, participate in inventory and stocktake control, review business procedures, strategies and assist with implementation. On any given day tasks will vary, and no one student will have the same experience.

What the Students had to say:

“It was an amazing experience, and I have learnt so much. I felt so welcomed, and every day I couldn’t wait to come in.”

“It is incredible to see the change in clients from the start of the session to the end.”

“I feel really privileged. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“I am just really grateful. I felt supported the whole time and encouraged to get involved with all areas of the business.”

 “I am overwhelmed by the positive effect someone who genuinely cares can have.”


A special thanks to:

Holmesglen Institute, RMIT, Edmund Rice Program through Santa Maria and Star of the Sea high schools, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Academy of Mary Immaculate, Ringwood Secondary College and Methodist Ladies College for encouraging and supporting student place programs.

We look forward to maintaining and building on these programs in 2019.