I came to know Fitted for Work organisation on the International Women’s Day celebration on 8th September 2014, at RSL Club in Blacktown.  This organisation was one of the organisations that made a presentation on that day.  One of the staff called Dawn explained to the audience that the organisation is formed to empower women who are looking for job, provide clothing for women who are going to attend job interviews and also provide clothing to start work after you succeed in the interview.   A demonstration was done on stage for women who were going for job interviews with their outfits that Fitted for Work gave them.

Dawn extended invitation to women looking for job and handouts were distributed to us.  At the end of the programme, I met Dawn and Liz and expressed my interest to join the organisation.  They welcomed me and told me that they were going to organise a training session for new groups.  I attended the sessions and at the end of the training sessions, I was provided with a Mentor called “Nikki” whom I was assigned to help me with resume writing, and to help me do my job search.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a job through this organisation because I have been going to Job Agencies and couldn’t find a job.  When I came I thought it was going to be like the previous organisations that I had been going to for job.

After my training sessions, my Mentor, Nikki, began to fixed appointments for me to do job search at Fitted for Work office.  Nikki upgraded my resume and continued to push me to go around to meet different agencies and enquire if there are vacancies.   She also advised me to continue my job search on the internet.    About a month or two, she asked me if I can also apply somewhere to do volunteering to enable me gain experience.    Nikki made frequent follow-ups in my job search, this made me to put more effort and every day I went out to do my job search until I succeeded in getting a job.

When I got the job, I was so excited and I immediately called Nikki and informed her that I have succeeded.  I later informed Liz and they were all happy for me.

The things that I benefitted from Fitted for Work are:

  1. I was provided with clothing, bag, shoes, for my interview
  2. I was provided with clothes, pants to start work with.
  3. Benefited from the training sessions that was organised
  4. I was moved out of isolation and was able to meet with people from different organisations and getting to know them.

I am now working with Uniting Age Care at Westmead.  In December 2015, Uniting Care organised a staff Christmas party and I was awarded with a gift for the best 15 hardworking staff.

If I know any woman who is thinking of contacting Fitted for Work, I will definitely tell her about the benefits that she will gets if she join the organisation.

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Fitted for Work and a special thanks goes to Dawn and Liz who encouraged me to join the organisation.