We are proud to introduce our Transgender Liason Office, Michelle Sheppard.

Michelle Sheppard is a Trans Woman, public speaker, radio presenter and has spent the last five years advocating for Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGDNB) people. She has worked with various organisations, including the AFL, Local City Councils and Universities, to help build inclusive and safe workplaces for LGBTIQ+ people. Michelle has received national recognition for her contribution to the LGBTIQ+ Community.

In 2018, Fitted for Work received $227,750 from Jobs Victoria to develop and deliver a pilot Transgender Women Program.

The innovative project is the first of its kind in Australia. It will offer a coordinated and streamlined suite of employment-related services, specifically for Transwomen and Gender Diverse jobseekers, that increase work readiness and result in sustainable employment outcomes.

Transwomen face many social inequities and multiple complex barriers to meaningful participation in everyday activities, including employment. The unique needs of this demographic have been largely overlooked in terms of employment support services, resulting in under-representation in the workforce and a higher risk of economic vulnerability.

Fitted for Work is committed to advocating with women experiencing disadvantage through educating and building a greater understanding of the barriers that Transwomen and Gender Diverse jobseekers face as they seek employment.

“I am extremely excited to be part of a program that will help a disadvantaged community of job seekers with not only outfitting but also peer support, job preparation and presentation, makeup and styling. I am excited to work with an amazing team to make a positive change that hasn’t been seen before,” Michelle Sheppard.