happy client at Fitted for Work

Dear Donna,

I am happy to report that I am not currently looking for work, but thank you for ‘checking in’ respectfully.

I wish you all the best success with your SheWorks Social Enterprise programme.

In fact, I was referred to Fitted for Work at an unusual point in my life.

Despite having graduated university, I hadn’t yet found a full time job and had moved to Melbourne to take a chance on an un-paid internship with an NGO to build up some experience.

Things were fine, but I was using the last of my humble savings accumulated from part-time uni jobs, receiving Centrelink and desperately trying to find my first paid, professional job.

It didn’t feel good to have go to an employment services counsellor.

But looking back, I was just a typical young graduate who needed a break.

My counsellor referred me to to fitted for work because I had secured my first interview, with a government department graduate programme.

The women at the centre were incredibly helpful.

Not only did I manage to walk out with my first Cue suit, which would have been prohibitively expensive for me to buy at the time, the volunteers were also kind and confidence boosting.

One was a retired HR manager and she was so supportive, giving me tips for my interview and running me through some practice questions.

I will always remember the bright smiles of the volunteers and the beautifully supportive environment they created.

I was shocked to learn I would walk out with two full professional outfits, I didn’t feel worthy.

But they somehow convinced me that I deserved them.

Walking into my interview a week after coming to Fitted for Work, I was thinking of the tips the volunteers had passed on and their positive affirmations.

I loved that suit, and I felt so confident and professional as I walked into my interview.

Well I am happy to report I got the job.

And getting my first professional job has set me off on a very happy and successful career path.

I came to fitted to work 5 years ago when I was just trying to find a break.

I couldn’t afford a good suit and you have no idea what an impact you had on my career. I now work for the United Nations overseas.

I still have that Cue suit!

I wore it on my first day of work and have worn it many times since.

Even though the jacket looks a bit tired and the slit in the skirt has long since started coming loose, I cannot bare to let this suit go.

It was a gift from all the kind people who generously donate items and the volunteers who so so generously and altruistically provide their valuable time, insight and support.

It will always be a token of how kindness builds kindness.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards