Phanisha Arabatti at the 2018 Volunteer Thank You Event.


Our volunteer Host position is responsible for creating a welcoming space for clients and ensuring the smooth running of appointment bookings.

The Host supports clients before and after their appointments by answering any questions or concerns they might have and connecting them with our available services.

Host positions are often filled by clients who are looking to improve their workplace skills and abilities and add experience to their resume, whilst they are looking for work. Volunteering is also a great way to build social networks and to improve soft skills.


“[As a host] I will make the clients feel comfortable because I would be the first point of contact for them and then get the particular volunteer the service they are here for. I call and confirm the clients who have appointments that day and also the next day.

I use the Salesforce application to send follow-up emails to the clients who attended that day and also to update any information about the clients.

The happiness and satisfaction that shines through the clients after their service is the thing I enjoy the most.

The people I work with are just fabulous and the best team that I could’ve ever asked for. They are the second best thing that I enjoy while working there.”

Phanisha Arabatti, Volunteer Host