Post written by Jane Hunt, former inaugural CEO at Fitted for Work.

It’s our Annual Appeal time at FFW and this year our theme is courage. We decided on this theme because we took inspiration from the women we assist to get work.

They demonstrate such courage in trying to get work, often when they are afraid or feeling lonely or dejected. It’s a funny thing, but when you start to pay attention to something, you realize that you can see it in many places. This goes for positive and negative things. I realized last week, that at the moment it is easy to focus on feeling afraid or insecure.

There are days when I am consumed with worry about the media on Australia’s economic situation, the European debt crisis, the reported drop in donations to not-for-profits and the lack of consumer confidence which means Dear Gladys’ retail sales will be affected. Every time I read and think about this, I feel sick and fearful.

Fortunately, I have been reflecting on our theme of courage, and in doing so I realized that I could see so many examples – in our clients, our Founders who set up an organization that hadn’t been tried in Australia and yes in me as the leader of Fitted for Work. In just thinking about all those examples I felt stronger and began to focus on what was important: our clients who are inspiring and our organization that has real long lasting impact on people’s lives. And I realized that in doing that, my self-confidence increased and I felt energised. So it looks like for this time in our history and context, at Fitted for Work we have chosen exactly the right theme for us to focus on.

Now one thing I should clarify about courage is that I am not talking about the scaling of Mount Everest style courage (but if that is your thing: go for it), I am talking about the courage that ordinary people like you and I have when we do something when we are scared. In the words of motivational speaker Mary Anne Radmacher:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

This is just what our Annual Appeal Client Ambassador Karyn did and she has generously shared her story with you.

PS. If you are interested in donating to our Annual Appeal you can do so here.