Post written by Jane Hunt, former inaugural CEO at Fitted for Work.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Carrera Partners staff team from around Australia. They partner with Fitted for Work to provide women with extremely valuable one-on-one interview practice.

The clients find the interviews invaluable in their transition to work because they provide ‘real interviews’ conducted by professional industry experts in the Carrera Partners offices. They receive both verbal and written feedback in a supportive environment, which means they can reflect on and improve their interview presentation.

Interestingly, the feedback from one of the staff was that she felt she had got an enormous amount out of the interview sessions with clients. She realised that for many of the women the triggers for being unemployed and experiencing poverty, such as redundancy and divorce, could happen to anyone at any time. She felt meeting the women had had a positive impact on her life.

I also listened to the Carrera staff presentations on how they add value to their customers. I was struck by the similarities in what they are trying to achieve in their relationships and with what we aim to achieve at FFW. We are both striving for honesty and integrity in our relationships with clients and the commitment to deliver what we promise in a timely fashion and to the highest standard.

It reinforced for me the similarities between the business and not-for-profit sectors and the opportunity for rich exchange of excellent models of service and business practice that benefits both sectors.