At Fitted for Work we help women become fitted for life.


At Fitted for Work, we believe a woman needs to be ‘fitted for life’ in order to thrive in her workplace. That’s why we’ve developed the WomanKind program.

This integrated suite of services teaches participants to focus on their overall wellbeing so that she can maximise the opportunities presented through work.

The program consists of woman to woman training, mentor support, guest speaker events, job readiness and presentation workshops. This suite of services can be packaged to create tailored programs to inspire, and support women through their job search journey.


Below is some feedback that we have received from participants who attended the WomanKind Program:


“For me, it was full of surprises because I didn’t expect it would help my mentality as well and also to build my confidence. I thought before it was all about the cover letter and resume not about the wellbeing, the healthy life and life balance. It was very good and had more of an impact on me and was full of enjoyment and relaxing.”


“As a migrant, it is very helpful for women because we don’t have friends, we don’t have guidance and family to support us. So this program is very good and great for you to participate in because the co-ordinators of this program are very supportive and give you really good guidance and material as well. I would highly recommend it for all the women.”


“I was 19 when I had my daughter and I had no family. As a single mother with no good influencers in your life, I think this program is great to make a change and to make a good influence in your life, to build self-esteem and encouragement. So I would definitely suggest doing this program to change.”


“For me, it has been eye-opening that I can commit to something. Maybe I can take this experience and use it when things get tough in the future I can remind myself I have done this before and I can do it again. I think I flourished in the course, I contributed to discussions, I connected with some special women and I hope to connect with them in the future.”


“I learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses. The areas that I need to improve and I can highlight and amplify for job applications and going for job interviews. And the section we did with mock job interviews was excellent, because I know that was one of my problems, I had problems with the questions. It’s brought me back into motivation time. It’s been a long time out of work and I just want to work. My motivation is 10 out of 10 at the moment.”


We are currently seeking funding for the WomanKind Program. Please consider donating to our Annual Appeal before July 31st and help empower women experiencing disadvantage through employment and financial security.


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