Like so many of you, my first contact with the organisation was through the donation of clothing as well as attending the odd fundraising activity.  I have always been a keen admirer of Fitted for Work’s reputation and consistently impressive outcomes. Whilst I had an understanding of the mechanics and logistics of the organisation, my first eight weeks have given me an exciting insight into the elements that sit at the heart of this amazing organisation:

  • The Team: The staff, alongside the dedicated volunteers, work incredibly hard and are some of the most passionate people I have ever worked with.
  • Creativity: As a not-for-profit, we’re always working with minimal resources, however the ingenuity of the team never ceases to amaze me.  The way we are able to maximise space, time and people blows me away every day.
  • Problem solving: No problem is too big. This is a solutions focused organisation and where there is a problem, the team always find an innovative way to solve it.
  • Respect: this organisation is built on the strength of its relationships, both internal and external. Despite how busy they are, the team have built a culture of always being ready to listen to each other as well as our clients, volunteers, supporters and corporate partners. A simple but very important part of why this organisation works.

The staff have been very welcoming to me and organised an extensive induction where I was able to experience the many facets that make up this dynamic organisation.  Meeting the volunteers has definitely been a highlight. I have had the benefit of working a shift in the Boutique and hosting two morning teas in both Melbourne and Sydney.  Witnessing the great care and compassion of the volunteers has been truly humbling and I look forward to working more shifts with them.

It’s pretty simple … the work we do, the service we provide… works. We know that when we help one woman the ripple effect is felt far beyond the woman herself. Work brings not only financial independence but also dignity and confidence. When a woman experiences all three, her contribution to her family, community, workplace and the economy increases substantially and that’s good for all Australia.

We have some amazing opportunities ahead of us and I look forward to working with our clients, sponsors, corporate partners, volunteers, staff and Board. To all of our supporters, I extend an invitation to contact myself or the team with any feedback or questions you may have.

I am inspired by so many things I’ve witnessed in my short time here and feel a great sense of excitement around the future. I look forward to sharing my journey of discovering the world of Fitted for Work with you over the coming months.

All the best,