Post written by Jane Hunt, former inaugural CEO at Fitted for Work.

It’s funny how childhood sayings often come back to you as an adult – and often in unlikely moments.

I was reminded of this saying when one of the clients, when asked by our receptionist if she had enjoyed the dressing service replied: ‘I feel wonderful … it was everything … the women that helped me, the clothes, the boutique, the shoes …’ her words stopped, but the beaming smile on her face said everything that words couldn’t.

I realised that this was a moment for her where ‘many hands’ made her journey to work lighter and achievable. In FFW’s journey to helping more women get work and keep it, we have the opportunity (because we have outgrown our current location), to move. This means we are in the middle of planning this really important transition from one location to another. Soon we will be able to announce where we will be moving! The move will mean most importantly, that we can expand our services and assist more women in a space tailored to their needs.
We will be launching a Capital Works Campaign in the next few weeks and look forward to sharing with you our vision for the future of the services. It’s very exciting, but also a big job building and outfitting a boutique, interview, training rooms and moving the service, so if you would like to work with us to make the work ‘lighter’ we would love to hear from you!