Lillian was motivated to volunteer for Fitted for Work by a friend who happened to be a staff member. “I saw how hard she worked to produce amazing results for women she might not even know or meet. Hearing how passionate she was about Fitted for Work and all that it does, inspired me to use my skills to make a difference also.”

Lillian receives a lot of enjoyment in providing her professional services for free: “I’ve never worked for people so grateful for everything I do. It’s nice to know the time you put in is appreciated so much by so many people. My experience has been nothing short of fun, challenging and rewarding.”

She also loves the fact that she can see the difference her talents make to Fitted for Work’s online social enterprise. “Often with what I do in design it’s hard to see a positive end result. I know with Dear Gladys that all proceeds go back to helping women so I feel immensely satisfied that some of my work is helping to raise those funds.”

Lillian is an advocate of pro bono volunteering. “Our time is not as precious as we think it is, and there’s always time in your day to help somebody else. The smallest things can help make a difference. I’d also like to share that it is the ladies behind Fitted for work that make it such a beautiful enterprise. I suggest shaking their hand next time you see one of them.”