As a young adult, Jenny was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that affects language and behavioural development. The diagnosis was double-edged. On one hand, it helped reframe her difficulties in connecting with others on an interpersonal level. On the other hand, it presented Jenny with a new challenge: how to come to terms with and to understand what this diagnosis meant for her future.

Jenny came to Fitted for Work for support in identifying her skills and building her confidence to use them. She completed the Transition to Work and Diversity@Work programs and became a mentee in the Mentor program.

Her mentor, Leanne, helped her find a volunteer position at Ascot Vale Special School’s Kitchen Garden National Program (in conjunction with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation). Leanne also helps Jenny find new perspectives on everyday issues.

Through Fitted for Work, Jenny has learnt new skills and strengthened existing ones. She has built positive relationships and feels positive about working. Work for Jenny is in the form of volunteering, which she loves and gives her tremendous satisfaction.

Jenny continues to volunteer at the Ascot Vale Special School as well as the Collingwood Children’s Farm.