At Fitted for Work, we like to think that women who come through our suite of services leave Fitted for Life.  We know and understand the dignity that work brings to a woman and in turn how her family and community benefit.  We see the impact that a new outfit can have as well as coaching around resumes and interview skills. This can take a woman to a job interview and land her a role but more often than not the hard work begins when the job starts.

Navigating workplace culture as well as trying to fit some form of life-balance around all of the ongoing responsibilities of home can provide challenges. When you couple these types of challenges with summoning up the confidence to start each new day, a new role can be exhausting and overwhelming.  We know that navigating these first few months in a new workplace requires resilience. Resilience can be innate and also a skill that can be learnt.  We believe that wellbeing contributes significantly to this.

At Fitted for Work we are committed to wellbeing. Why? Because we know that when you achieve a sense of wellbeing that you are more likely to be happy and when you’re happy you are more likely to present yourself in the best possible way.  At Fitted for Work, we are committed to helping women experiencing disadvantage move beyond ‘just surviving’ to flourishing and lead their best lives possible.  To do this we know that we need to help our women develop and strengthen their resilience.

So with this in mind late last year and with the help of our generous corporate partner, Wellineux, we created our new Woman Kind program.  This holistic program offers woman to woman training as a whole of life program to inspire, build confidence and support women through their job search journey and beyond. Delivered by specialist Fitted for Work trainers, this program is based on the building blocks of well-being: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Here’s a taste of the content in each module:

  • Hopes and Dreams: Exploring who we are, our values, talents and personality strengths, how we interact with the world and the different people that are part of it.
  • Confidence: comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of our body and mind (self-esteem) and belief in our own ability, skills and experience.
  • Nourish: Nutrition plays a huge part in our emotional and physical wellbeing and affects our ability to live life to the fullest. Nourishing our bodies gives us the best opportunity for good health and vitality.
  • Flow: Our bodies love to move – they crave it. We explore the many ways we can incorporate movement into our daily life that is both enjoyable and sustainable, and look at the benefits of regular movement to our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Pause: Sleep and rest are essential for feeling fantastic and functioning at our personal best. We look different ways we can take time out of our busy day to rest, clear our mind, and have fun.
  • Value: Money might not buy happiness but life can be difficult when we don’t have enough. Being financially capable enables us to make sound decisions about how we manage our money and contributes to our overall wellbeing.
  • Connection: Humans are social creatures and we need to connect with others to be happy and healthy. We look at how we can do this in our personal and professional relationships.
  • Bloom: As humans we have a drive for self-fulfilment and personal growth. One of the key areas for growth in our life is through our work. We prepare for the next step of the journey into the world of work.

We wanted to ensure that this program speaks to women who are doing it tough and as with everything we create at Fitted for Work is not only life changing but also beautiful to experience.

We are very proud of this program and know that together with our brave clients we will continue to achieve long term and sustainable outcomes.