Helping women in rural and regional Australia

When you invested in our virtual service delivery infrastructure, you wanted to help us break down physical and geographical accessibility barriers to reach women living in rural, regional and remote Australia. Who knew just how critical virtual services would be in 2020!

Ryn Hopgood, our National Client Services Manager, is passionate about connecting with every woman who wants our support.

Virtual Services provide access to our programs no matter where a woman lives, or the circumstances of her life.

Fitted for Work uses technology in really innovative ways to reach women in rural and regional Australia who often face additional challenges in securing work–including reduced access to employment services, fewer job opportunities, limited social support and professional networks, and concerns about privacy in using local support services.

We offer resources, advice and coaching to clients via phone, email, video and social platforms to enhance their skills in applying for and securing work. This could include help with writing resumes, cover letters and responses to key selection criteria, interview preparation and practice, and virtual outfitting services. Beyond the services we offer, our respectful and compassionate approach can make that critical difference in a woman’s job-seeking journey.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful bundle of clothes, make-up and jewellery you sent me last week. I love, love, love it all!… Your parcel and the kindness, love and generosity it was wrapped in, buoyed my spirits. You have no idea. Thank you so much.” Client feedback, February 2020

Fitted for Work started offering Virtual Services in 2017, and we’ve seen demand grow in leaps and bounds. We’re really proud to have delivered 5,726 virtual services since then.

Ramping up Virtual Services – with your support

Over the last six months, we’ve really put the $35,400 raised at our first crowd-funding event to work, ramping up our Virtual Services to help women on their job-seeking journey, no matter where they live.

From Adamstown to Atherton and Wanneroo to Wangaratta, you helped us reach women all over Australia, delivering 1,085 services in that time.

Then, when COVID-19 restrictions began in March, Fitted for Work quickly mobilised our team to work remotely.

100% of our services are now being delivered virtually with swift updates rolled out to allow us to provide our full service offering despite social distancing requirements.

Thanks to your investment in Virtual Services before this crisis, we have been able to pivot our service delivery model seamlessly to be there for our clients when they need us most.

In the last 6 weeks we’ve increased virtual services delivery by 200%

We are trialling new ways to meet the changing needs of clients, like reframing styling and presentation resources to cover zoom meetings and remote interviews.

We have always worked with clients to help them discover opportunities and resources in their own environment and Fitted for Work is ready to scale up our Virtual Services so we can reach the unprecedented numbers of Australian women seeking employment in 2020.”

Why we do this … because it works!

Some lovely feedback from a Virtual Services client in April 2020.

In regard to the parcel I received, I’d like to firstly sincerely thank you for the amazing service model you provide to vulnerable women…

I found the virtual try on to be great fun, and equally engaging and also would like to highlight the comfort level and rapport I felt immediately…

The items chosen were ideal, fit the brief and myself and only a couple of them once seen face to face were not something I would use so they were donated to the refuge accommodation I was staying in for women who had been adversely affected by domestic violence. I was glad I was able to extend the good deed to other worthy individuals.

Overall, I would say the bulk of the experience was positive, the concept is amazing and mostly very well executed and the staff are phenomenal and clearly enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and engaging in social justice. The communication has been immaculate and very kind and well-intended as a whole… I applaud the work you do and thank you for all of your kindness and efforts thus far.

* Image by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash: Woman working