Post written by Jane Hunt, former inaugural CEO at Fitted for Work.

I had a lot of fun on Dare to Wear Day, however I was very anxious about looking so different. The thrill of being ‘special’ for a day and the joy of experiencing the support of friends and colleagues as they donated and sent me messages of support was worth it all. I dressed as Tess (played by Melanie Griffiths) from the 1980’s movie Working Girl which tells the story of a woman who works her way up the ladder of success.

In reflecting on my feelings of anxiety, it struck me that these are the feelings Fitted for Work clients talk of when they get dressed for job interviews and prepare to start a new job. The day reinforced for me, the courage that these women show in putting themselves forward for job interviews despite many setbacks in their lives.

To all of those who dressed up and participated in Dare to Wear Day and to those people who supported them, I send my very big thanks. Your support helped us raise $87,302.22 – a mammoth increase on last year’s total of just over $35,000. Because of you, a further 794 women will be able to be assisted by Fitted for Work.