Image of Fitted for Work donor, Leigh Powell, with colourful graphic background.

 We are excited to share with you a new series of stories about the remarkable Changemakers in our community, their motivations in supporting Fitted for Work, and the profound impact of their generosity. These stories are a testament to the fact that together, we can create lasting change and build a brighter future for women in Australia. Your donation, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in sustaining our efforts and expanding our reach. We invite you to continue supporting our cause and help us reach even more individuals in need.

“It’s incredibly easy thing to ask a person, ‘Are you ok?’” says Leigh Powell, a business strategist and professional mentor who, after being a long-time donor to Fitted for Work, has become a mentor across several Fitted for Work programs, including She Works and the Prison Program.

“And I know that Fitted for Work has a way to deal with whatever the answer is, in some way, shape or form – whether it be helping a woman find work or helping someone coming out of a prison.”

That knowledge, says Leigh, makes the time he dedicates to Fitted for Work some of the most rewarding. “I get as much back from these activities as I give. The giving, whether it be a dollar or whether it be in time and conversation, is such a simple thing to do.”

Leigh’s giving happens to have a very lengthy shelf life. “The very first woman that I worked with through Fitted for Work was over 10 years ago. She was Sri Lankan, highly qualified, and had been in Australia for two years. She could not get a job interview,” he remembers. “My work with her was about raising her confidence and leveraging how brave she was to leave her homeland to come to a place where English was a second language, and to step into all the new systems and processes and the undeniable racism that exists in our society.”

“Cut to now: she’s had three different jobs. She’s got a car. She’s got a house. Now, she has university-aged children who are doing beautifully at what they do. And for me the full circle moment is firstly that she stayed in contact, but secondly, she’s asked me to chat to her eldest son about his career. So does that make me feel terrific? Of course, it does, but that’s not the main game here. They are terrific. If terrific is defined by having a mortgage, then they’re terrific. If terrific is defined by having a safe home, then that’s terrific. If the limited interactions I’ve had are anything to go by, particularly with the eldest son, and seeing how he’s grown up as a young man – that’s terrific.”

Ultimately, says Leigh, it’s a no-brainer to continue his involvement with Fitted for Work.

“You can feel and see the ripple effect of bothering to be interested in somebody else,” he says. “If you want a return on investment, this is a million to one.”

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