After completing a several Fitted for Work courses, Peggy began to feel more confident in her abilities to find a suitable job. “The offer of a Mentor as part of the Transition to Work program was a blessing. I was gaining confidence as a result of the Fitted for Work services, but I was unsure if I could sustain that confidence or if I would slip back to where I was before. I needed some help to stay on course.”

She didn’t know what to expect from a mentor. “I was hoping for some guidance, support and hopefully, some inspiration which would propel me forward to my ultimate goal of finding employment that I really loved.”

Peggy recalls her first meeting with Avril. “We hit it off immediately and found we had similar interests, we have the same values and we both love talking!”

Avril echoes Peggy’s outlook on their relationship. “Peggy and I have fun when we meet; really enjoying each other’s company. The most positive times are when we can laugh at our silliness as we try to not take life so seriously. Our most connected times are when we are transparent with each other’s warts and all, knowing that there is no judgment only mutual respect.”

They meet regularly to explore ideas and often communicate in between by phone or email. Of their meetings, Peggy says, “I find I look at things differently, ideas/plans often evolve and I have “light bulb” moments.  Sometimes these relate to my personal life and other times to my career path and development.“ For Avril, being a mentor to Peggy is “an enjoyable and fulfilling commitment”.

Peggy now works part-time as a receptionist for Fitted for Work.