Wow – you ladies rock! It is unbelievable how generously you’ll have just like that given me some really good outfits for the interview/s. I feel like a business woman now. I have never shopped so much good stuff at one time; and this time I got it for free! I love the makeover and the suggestions of brands that come in my size that I got to know about from this fitting session. Love you all. I am definitely going to come over with sweets once I have got the job. So sweet – so much stuff and well fitted and styled too. I just didn’t know in the past which brands to go to find stuff like this that fits me and off course at this stage I don’t have the finances to get them. You’ll have sorted two things at one go – provided the clothing for free and also given suggestions of brands that work for me and the styling input is just fabulous.

Thanks a ton for the free make-up too! I am looking to contribute and give it back in someway as soon as I get my work life back on track. Maybe some of my time, maybe through donations.

Love and Cheers,