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At Fitted for Work, we are dedicated to helping women find work, keep work and navigate through working life with success. Your donation helps empower women with practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem and know-how so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace. We focus specifically on employment not only because work provides financial security, but also a sense of purpose, social connection, dignity and pride. We believe when you are Fitted for Work, you are fitted for life.

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“I was worried about losing my house. I was not sleeping at all. Because of COVID I lost both jobs all at once. All of a sudden nothing is coming through and I can’t pay my mortgage. I was very desperate. I was looking for anyone who could give me a hand.”

Nea* is a Kenyan Australian and single mother. In 2020 she was working two jobs when she suddenly found herself unemployed. Nea attended Fitted for Work’s Job Preparation Hub in early 2021 to fine-tune her resume and cover letter and learn how to prepare thoroughly for both a face to face and virtual interview.

A close up image of children's hands playing with chalk
Client Nea is holding her phone up on a call. She is wearing a white dress with colourful spots and smiling.

*Name and image have been changed for privacy.

Helping women succeed

By the time Nea attended her next interview she felt, “very confident”, and knew exactly what she was going to say. “Fitted for Work took me to another level. When I left, I knew I had done well. I only did 3 interviews and then I got the job”

Today Nea is employed in an ongoing position working with the state government, supporting the efficiency and accuracy of daily COVID case statistics recorded.

“I love it! I feel I’m contributing, helping my State to stay safe and open through quality data.”

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