WomanKind Program

Looking forward to a bright professional future is a right for all women. At Fitted for Work, we know that professional growth doesn’t arrive as soon as women secure work – it’s a journey of growth, development and personal drive. The WomanKind Program is designed to help build all of these things for all women. 

Through our carefully designed modules, we take a holistic approach supporting women to thrive in work and life. The modules are presented in a variety of ways. Participation is encouraged through activities, events, guest speakers, workshops and excursions. The program is delivered by Fitted for Work professional trainers, ensuring active engagement across the program. 


A woman with black hair smiles, she is wearing an orange top with a black cardigan.

Hear what our clients have to say!

  • The Womenkind Program takes you out of that dark place of being homebound and isolated. Now I can go out, learn something, take it home and apply it. I recently located and don’t have much of a network here, but it was so nice to meet new, lovely people. Now I feel connected, and it’s just so good to get out of the house.

  • Thanks for all your help and support, I felt so “heard” by you. Thank you so much for that. My life has improved SO MUCH since then and I am really grateful for Fitted for Work’s part in that. I feel so much more confident than I did this time six months or a year ago!

    Client Feedback

  • My visit to Fitted For Work lifted my spirits and helped me to re-commit to the job search process with a new frame of mind.

    Client Feedback

  • I just moved from Townsville and don’t have much of a network, so I felt very empowered when I came in today and it was nice to have some connection. The ladies are awesome, incredible and they make people feel good about themselves which is a big thing.

    Client Feedback

  • You made me feel like I was not alone anymore. That is a feeling I have not felt for a long time.