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Fitted for Work receives referrals from a diverse range of service providers, including – but not restricted to – Job Services Agencies, Disability Employment Services, Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services, Prisons, Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services.

Our eligibility criteria are broad and consistent with our vision of getting women into work and helping them to keep it. We do this in partnership with other service providers who have case management responsibility for their clients.

In consultation with their clients, caseworkers may determine that it would be beneficial to attend our boutique when a client:

Our referral partners understand that their candidates may not be selected as employees because their personal presentation and interview skills may not reflect their capabilities. They also appreciate that personal appearance and interview preparation have a significant impact on job interview success.

Appointments are made by referral agencies on behalf of their clients at various stages of the client’s job seeking through our online booking service.

You can promote the opportunity of working with Fitted for Work to your clients with one of the posters below.


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Peter Hosford

"Many have cited Fitted For Work as the single most supportive experience in their search for work. In particular, the warmth of your volunteers is the key that opened the door to their confidence. It may not be evident to your volunteers, but this little boost is often all that it takes to get an applicant over the line. We give them the documents and the blurb, but it is you who give them the flair and the self-belief."
Literally hundreds of our women have had their lives turned around by your service over the last few years.

Helen Ferrier

"After being dressed by Fitted for Work, one of my job seekers, Joan came directly to my office to show me all the nice clothes and accessories she’d been given. Although lots of progress had been made on a career level, it was the first time I’d seen such a glow of pride and self-confidence in her eyes. She said the volunteers were very kind and caring and made her feel very comfortable during the whole process. Being a woman myself, I can fully understand what my client was feeling and how important it was for her to feel well-presented and proud of her appearance. My client is attending an interview this afternoon. Although it can be difficult to predict how a job interview will unfold, I’m positive she’ll feel more optimistic and pleased about her appearance at the interview. It has certainly boosted her self-esteem and confidence.  Thanks Fitted for Work!"
Although lots of progress had been made on a career level, it was the first time I’d seen such a glow of pride and self-confidence in her eyes