Prison Program

This program has been designed to help women transitioning out of the prison system, namely women who are within 3 months of release. At Fitted for Work, we understand that a holistic approach is often the best approach, and this program is certainly holistic. 

Our specialised trainers deliver eight employment readiness modules focusing on: confidence, personal strengths, communication, learning styles, looking after yourself and understanding the workplace. The aim is to ensure the women who are looking for work with a criminal record are well equipped to do so. 

Image of two volunteers working with to women at a table. The two women are wearing grey shirts.

Hear what our clients have to say!

  • Thanks for all your help and support, I felt so “heard” by you. Thank you so much for that. My life has improved SO MUCH since then and I am really grateful for Fitted for Work’s part in that. I feel so much more confident than I did this time six months or a year ago!

    Client Feedback

  • My visit to Fitted For Work lifted my spirits and helped me to re-commit to the job search process with a new frame of mind.

    Client Feedback

  • The Transition to Work Expo Day was excellent. I found it very useful and helpful. I think this is a wonderful day for the women in here and empowering.

  • I’m really enjoying the course and I find myself looking forward to Friday mornings. Definitely will recommend it to others.