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 At the time of her referral to Fitted for Work, Amira was living in a women’s refuge with her young child after experiencing violence at the hands of her ex-partner. 


“I was overcoming some difficult circumstances, and it wasn’t always easy to get help navigating the Australian employment scene. I was working on myself, and it was great to have the extra support. Fitted for Work helped boost my confidence while I interviewed for jobs.”


With the support of Fitted for Work’s holistic job-readiness services, Amira was able to land her dream job as a medical practice manager!


The new position allows her the steady income and reliable hours needed to provide a safe and comfortable home for herself and her young child, and the flexibility she needs to be available as a single parent. Amira is thrilled about the new role and the opportunity to use her knowledge and skills professionally again.

*Name and image have been changed for privacy.

Amira* a Fitted for Work client smiles confidently as she stands in front of a computer in a professional office.

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We focus on employment because economic independence is an enabler for women to exercise control over their lives. Work provides security, choice, social connection and dignity.

When you lift the economic status of women, it’s good for all of us. Increasing women’s workforce participation leads to better living standards for individuals and families, improves the bottom line of businesses and is a significant driver of national economic growth.

That’s why when you make an investment in Fitted for Work, you’re investing in Australia’s future.

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Donate in three simple steps

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.