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This holiday season you can help women emerge from COVID-19 ready to take their place in the workforce!

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You can help women build economic security!

We know women need our services now more than ever. That’s why we have designed the Emerge Program. This 100% virtual program supports clients with holistic guidance on all the interconnected topics of being work ready, such as self-care, nutrition, time management, finance and much more. Your donation helps empower women with practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem and know-how so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace. Together we can help women overcome disadvantage and achieve financial independence!

How your support will help

Esther* is one of the women who participated in our pilot Emerge Program. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Esther was isolated from her family and support networks. This time was “a lonely routine” and “really hard” for Esther, however Emerge gave her something to “look forward to every week”.

Esther described the program, saying, “the staff are amazing and caring and give us all the tools to succeed. I realised it was my lack of confidence and negative self-talk that were the reasons why I wasn’t doing well at interviews, nothing to do with my skills! Now I know I can get a job that I love. The Emerge program is responsible for this; they changed my attitude, as well as giving me techniques.”

*Name and image have been changed for privacy.

A woman with short grey hair and glasses, wearing a professional outfit is posing beside a red brick wall. She is holding a folder and a takeaway coffee and smiling warmly.

You can make a difference

Due to the impact of the devastating bushfire season and COVID-19, unemployment is at a record high of 7% in Australia. Between February and May this year alone, 482,000 women lost employment.

For the past 15 years, Fitted for Work has helped women navigate disadvantage. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are experts in helping women identify transferable skills, build resilience, and pivot their career goals. Your donation enables us to provide tailored and impactful support to women on their journey back into employment. We believe when you’re fitted for work, you’re fitted for life.

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By donating, you become part of a movement committed to improving women’s lives and breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Your generosity enables us to reach out and support women experiencing disadvantage across Australia.

Donate in three simple steps

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.