Donate Clothing

One of the free services we provide to women experiencing disadvantage is a complete personal outfitting and interview preparation service.  This special service is provided at our boutiques located in Melbourne and Parramatta. The supply of clean, quality work-appropriate clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories is a critical component of the success of our service.

Our aim is to dress women in an entire outfit that is professional, suitable for interview and carefully co-ordinated to make clients look and feel good about themselves. We are always particularly in need of small and large sized clothing (66% of the women we dress are at either end of the spectrum, size 6-10 or size 18+).

The ABC of all donations to Fitted for Work

The golden rule is…if you wouldn’t wear it to work today, then our clients wouldn’t wear it either. You can download clothing donation guidelines here.

Donated items do not need to be from expensive labels. They simply need to be clean and interview appropriate. We also welcome donations of casual or dress clothing in good condition for The Conscious Closet shop. Due to health regulations, we will only accept underwear and bra’s unworn and with tags attached. We also accept unworn stockings in unopened packages. 


We accept good quality and work-appropriate jewellery.


We accept near new and unworn shoes in all sizes.  They must be business looking, smart, classic shoes – flats, courts, heels or boots. All colours and styles are acceptable.

Dress and casual shoes in good condition are great for The Conscious Closet shop.


We accept business looking, smart, classic bags, large enough to carry personal items (phone, wallet and possibly a resume). All colours and styles are acceptable.

We also find bags are popular in The Conscious Closet shop. We welcome fashion and evening bags or small clutch bags.

Personal care items

We accept unused and unopened make-up and hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner. Donations of deodorant are always needed and greatly appreciated.

Organising a clothing drive

Running a Fitted for Work clothing drive at your place of work or club is a great way to engage your employees and members in an activity for a good cause.

It costs Fitted for Work $115 to put one women through our personal outfitting and interview preparation service, so it would be wonderful if you could add a fundraising element to your event – e.g. silent auction, raffle. You could even add a bit of healthy competition to the drive – e.g. ask participants to guess how many items of clothing will be donated overall, $3 a guess or 3 for $5. Alternatively how about a fun trivia game using stats and facts about women in the work force!

Every dollar raised truly does make a difference.

Remember to take some photos of your event as we would love to share them on our Facebook page and in other communications to highlight your good work!

Delivering your donations to Fitted for Work

Due to resource constraints, we are unable to collect clothing donations. For donations to the Parramatta Dressing Rooms, please contact the office beforehand on (02) 9635 9909 to notify us of the delivery time.

Your donation can be delivered to our Melbourne Dressing Rooms between 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday via the Basement Entry, 210 Lonsdale Street.
If you are driving you can park in the 15-Minute Loading Zone on Lonsdale Street. As you walk up the steps you will see a gate on the right-hand side. Enter at this gate and you will see a set of stairs that lead down to a green door with a doorbell you can ring for assistance.

Accessibility: For wheelchair access please use the ramp on the right-hand side of the building and enter via the automatic sliding doors at the back of the building. You can drop donations at the Fitted for Work Dressing Room which is located at the end of the hall on the right-hand side. Please ring the doorbell for assistance.

Please note we can only help unload the donations if we have the capacity to at the time of drop off.

Please pack clothing without coathangers and remember to pack your clothes in small, manageable bundles that aren’t too heavy for our staff and volunteers to lift.

On behalf of the team at Fitted for Work and our clients, thank you very much for your generous donations and support.

“There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole - women and men alike - than the one which involves women as central players.”

- Kofi Annan