Donate Clothing

One of the free services we provide to women experiencing disadvantage is a complete personal outfitting and interview preparation service.  This special service is provided at our Dressing Rooms, located in Melbourne and Parramatta, and is now offered nationally through our Virtual Services.

Our aim is to dress women in a carefully co-ordinated outfit that is professional, suitable for an interview and builds confidence. We are always in particular need of women’s fashion ranging from size 14 onwards.

Additionally, we welcome donations of good quality casual and dress clothing and accessories to sell at our retail social enterprise, the Conscious Closet.  All proceeds from sales at the Conscious Closet support Fitted for Work programs and services.

Delivering your donations to Fitted for Work

Due to resource constraints, we are unable to collect clothing donations.  Please remember to pack your clothes in small, manageable bundles that aren’t too heavy for our staff and volunteers to lift.  If you will require assistance unloading your donations please contact the appropriate office ahead of time to request assistance and organise a drop off time.


Our Clothing Donations will close at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre on Friday 31st January, 2020 and resume at 513 Bridge Road Richmond on Tuesday 18th February, 2020.

Ground Floor, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
210 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone:  (03) 9662 4289

Your donation can be delivered to our Melbourne Dressing Room Monday – Friday between 10am – 3pm. Please drop your donations in the tub marked Clothing Donations in front of the Fitted for Work door in the lobby.

Driving donations in?  There is a 15-Minute Loading Zone on Lonsdale Street directly in front of our building.



Suites 37 & 38a
70 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2124
Telephone: (02) 9635 9909

Your donation can be delivered to our Parramatta Dressing Room Monday – Thursday between 10am – 3pm, please contact the office beforehand on (02) 9635 9909 to notify us of the delivery time.


Donation Guidelines

Thousands of women go through our outfitting service every year, so the clothing donations we receive are incredibly valuable.  Please note that we can only accept good quality, clean appropriate women’s clothing and accessories. As a conscientious Not for Profit we choose not to contribute to landfill and would incur costs to dispose or pass on any items that are not suitable for our client and customer needs.

We thank you for taking the time to be selective, it will make a huge difference to the time and resources we use in processing donations.

The golden rule is…if you wouldn’t wear it to work today, then our clients wouldn’t wear it either. You can download clothing donation guidelines here.

Donating to The Dressing Room

We welcome clean and contemporary interview appropriate women’s work wear including the following items:

We are also in urgent need of the following new, unused or opened items:

Donating to The Conscious Closet

We welcome all era’s of women’s clothing, footwear and accessories in excellent condition including the following items:

Item’s we cannot accept



On behalf of the team at Fitted for Work and our clients, thank you very much for your generous donations and support.