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At Fitted for Work we help women in Australia experiencing disadvantage to become job ready, find work and achieve their employment goals.

You can refer a client to Fitted for Work using our online booking tool. After a referral is made, we will contact the client directly to welcome them to Fitted For Work and work with them to start their tailored job readiness journey. 



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Can I refer myself?

If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, please call our friendly team on 03 9662 4289 or email us at [email protected] and we can help you begin your job readiness journey today.

Who can refer a client?

Fitted for Work is a referral-based organisation and we receive referrals from a diverse range of service providers, including but not restricted to:  

Job Services Agencies, Disability Employment Services, Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services, Prisons, Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services, LGBTQI+ Services, Women’s Services, Community Centres, TAFEs and Universities.   

Who can attend an appointment?

Our services are designed and tailored to assist anyone who identifies as a woman, non-binary and gender diverse and those who do not wish to be limited by definition. Our services are suitable for jobseekers who feel safe and comfortable in women’s spaces.

Experiences of our clients vary greatly. For example, they might have a disability, be a recent migrant, single parent, mature age, of refugee status, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and/or culturally and linguistically diverse.

Circumstances of our clients vary greatly too. They might be exiting a domestic violence situation, experiencing homelessness or displacement, exiting from prison, and/or experiencing financial hardship.

We assist individuals at every stage of their employment journey. Some are just breaking into the workforce and some are re-entering after time away. Some may already have employment but are looking to secure additional work or a new role.

Is there a cost for the appointment?

We charge a flat fee of $150 to Referral Agency’s who receive access to government funding to pay for work-related items, professional services, relevant training and support to help jobseekers find work. This fee ensures Fitted for Work has the capacity to continue assisting women that need our help.  

Please note that Community Services and Not for Profit Organisation’s that do not receive government funding will not be charged. If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, please contact our team on 03 9662 4289. 

You can read more about our Employment Service Provider Rates here.

What happens after I book the appointment?

When you complete your booking with our online form, a confirmation of your booking will be sent to your email address. A confirmation of the appointment will also be sent directly to your client.

I can no longer attend my appointment, what should I do?

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment please contact our friendly team on 03 9662 4289.